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Soft-Tip Darts
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Japanese World Class Dart Manufacturer
(Sponsor of U.S. pro dart player, Ray Carver)

      What do you get when you join Japan's top dart barrel designer, state of the art computer software, and 3D technology? That's easy! Answer: Tiga Darts

       It's time for you to check out some of the most innovative darts on the market today. We're constantly searching worldwide for new products. These quality darts from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, are now being exclusively distributed to North America through Horizon Darts. They might cost a bit more, but, in Tiga's words, 'Never change the concept of highest quality & highest cost performance.' In other words, you'll definitely get your money's worth! Nothing is spared in the production of this dart line. Quality control insures barrel weight accuracy and design variation is non-existant.  Any coating is cosmetic and may wear off  depending on your grip.

Featuring the new Fusion dart

Quality and Innovation
The shape of things to come.


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