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How do I know if my order session is encrypted?


In all current web browsers you can tell if your data is being sent in an encrypted format by looking for a lock icon adjacent to the web address in your browser's tool bar (or in the notification area at the bottom of some browers, or in both locations). In the MicroSoft Internet Explorer browsers, (the most commonly used browser today) the icon will appear directly to the right of the URL. The URL (or web address) will also begin with "HTTPS" rather than the standard "HTTP" prefix; the "S" indicating an SSL connection.

Please Note: Here on the Horizon Darts Site, these symbols will NOT appear during your general shopping session, but will appear only during the actual checkout (ordering) process, itself. Because no personal data is being transmitted while you browse and shop there is no real need for you to operate in a secure connection mode until this time.

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