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In addition, Laserdart has introduced a line of Diversi-Darts which allows the same dart barrel to be used for moveable soft tip, fixed soft tip, moveable steel tip and fixed steel tip. No need for several sets. Go from soft to steel by simply changing the point. Weight distribution stays the same. Our first model, the 90% high grade tungsten WidowMaker, available in 18, 22 and 24 grams, comes in silver or black vapor coated versions. Several grip points including ghost rings, shark cuts and knurling allow for your unique grip. Each set comes packaged in a Laserdart Drop Sleeve case with custom designed L-Style Champagne flights, nylon shafts, moveable spring loaded soft tip points. A separate accessories box includes moveable steel tip Fulcrum points, regular soft tips, custom designed 100 micron flights, nylon shafts and a DartMate tool. Although many of the newer soft tip boards will take darts up to 24 grams, please make sure that your board will take these heavier weights. The KC Land Shark is a 90% tungsten front weighted barrel with shark cuts and ghost grooves. It comes packaged in a Laserdart deluxe case with moveable spring-loaded soft tips, moveable steel tip Fulcrum points, extra flights, shafts, soft tip points and a DartMate tool. Return To All News & Events

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