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Domestic Orders

We normally ship Fed-Ex, however, we do try to watch the shipping fees for our customers. When we receive an order, we look at the contents and dollar amount. If we can fit the order into a padded 1st Class Mail envelope, we will send it that way. If it is a little larger and the $ amount is less than $50.00, we ship it Priority Mail. If the order is over $100.00 or shipping to a different address, person or apartment, we use Fed Ex so we can track the package. Although this is our general rule of thumb, we are happy to ship Priority Mail rather than Fed-Ex upon your request. Just note this in the 'Comment" section. FedEx or Priority Mail generally guarantees you delivery within 5 working days anywhere in the U.S. Please note that if you are placing your order via our online E-Commerce system, the shipping charges based on standard FedEx ground delivery will be calculated and added to your order automatically during checkout. (Please note: Listed shipping amounts are based on current FedEx tables for standard, domestic delivery. Charges may vary due to extra fees levied by the carrier for residential or urban areas, delivery confirmation and/or insurance.)


If you have requested a special RUSH delivery, and you need to know the exact charges, you must call or e-mail us immediately after placing your order. Our shipping office hours are: 8am - 3pm (CST) Monday through Friday. If no contact is made, we will process and ship the order the same business day it was received. Since rates are determined by weight and dimensions, no total can be given in advance.

U.S. Mail

We will ship via U.S. Mail to Post Office addresses, upon request.

International Orders

International rates vary considerably between countries. Therefore, our online commerce system cannot automatically tabulate these charges in advance; they must be calculated separately.

After your order has been received, we will contact you by e-mail or fax to confirm the exact total of the shipping charges on your pending order. We WILL NOT release, invoice, or ship your order until you have given approval.

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