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catalog - practice aids - Misc


Dartminder Dartboard Practice Overlay- DISCONTINUED

Dartminder Dartboard Practice Overlay- DISCONTINUED


see description
  • 12 practice sheets
  • Overlay your Steel Tip Board for practice
  • Improve your game and track your progress
  • Shot-Mate duplicates a standard dart board
  • Slim is 1/2 sized double & triple rings
  • Super-Slim is 1/2 sized dart segments & 1/4 sized double & triple rings
  • Three types: MIND1 (6 ea. Slim, Super-Slim)
                           MIND2 (12 Super-Slim)
                           MIND3 (12 Shot-Maker))

MSRP: $43.00

HORIZON: $30.80


California Mosquito Soft Tip Dart

California Mosquito Soft Tip Dart


see description
  • VOKS "California" Mosquito Brass Barrel
  • Great practice for follow through motion
  • Weight: 5-6 gm

MSRP: $30.50

HORIZON: $24.40


Book - Fun-Dart-Mentals

Book - Fun-Dart-Mentals


see description
  • FUN-DART-MEN-TALS "How To Throw Well & Win More!" (BK3)
  • Written By Frank Pratt & F. M. Harris
  • Entertaining, effective, “real-world” advice...
  • Written for darters —by darters.
  • Discover hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques that will improve your game.
  • Paperback (224 pages)

MSRP: $16.98

HORIZON: $12.74


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