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disc golf


Throw, Sail, Fling, Fly
Disc Golf is the hottest activity in today's scene

Disc Golf is a flying disc game/sport like golf but instead of a ball and club, you use a disc (aka: Frisbee). This requires precision and accuracy. Currently disc golf is played by thousands of people in more than 44 countries around the world with courses cropping up all across the nation in public parks and dedicated disc golf courses.

Think it's hard to throw around a tree?? How about sailing a disc over a pond?? Want a disc your dog can't destroy?? We've got discs for all of those!!!

Get a portable basket for your yard or next park outing. Fun for everyone!!!

Horizon Darts is proud to currently offer quality products by Innova, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Latitude 64, MVP & Vibram.

Check our selection of quality disc products & come back often for new items.

Not sure how to start??? Check out several diagrams and articles on disc golf here.
Come on...get outside and play!!!

disc golf

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