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Here's how it works...

  • If a style is currently checked out, you will be put on a waiting list and informed as to the approximate wait time. Once the set again becomes available, you will be contacted to see if you still would like to check out the darts.
  • At check out time, we will get your credit card information and charge your card for the cost of the set(s) plus Priority Small Flat Rate postage (Currently $7.35).
  • The darts will be shipped immediately and the package tracked to insure delivery.
  • You can play with them for 10 business days to see how they throw for you. Throw them in league, take them to a tournament, practice with them, challenge your friends to a game, anything you want to do to try them out. Lose them, destroy them or have them stolen and you've just bought them.
  • Send the Loaners back by Priority Small Flat Rate. You will have a 3 days grace period for return delivery.

PLEASE NOTE that customers wanting a coated Laserdart (Black or Gold Widow, Black or Golden Eagle, Black WidowMaker or Black KCs)will receive the silver model to try. The coating offers a slight tactile feel for additional grip. Coated sets will be sent when purchased.

Only uncoated Laserdarts are in the Dart Library. Want the coated model? Simply return the silver loaners and let us know. We will send you the new coated model you want and only charge you the additional cost for the coated model.

A late fee of $5 per day will be charged to the customer's card for each day that the darts are late returning to our offices.

Laserdart Silver Widow Fixed Steel Tip Dart - #2 - Knurled

Laserdart Silver Widow Fixed Steel Tip Dart - #2 - Knurled


see description
  • 90% Tungsten Fixed Steel Tip Barrel
  • Slightly Front-Heavy, Knurled Design
  • Equipped with “Spider Leg” Shafts
  • Weight: 20, 23, 26 & 28 gm
  • Color: Silver

MSRP: $152.00

HORIZON: $114.00


Laserdart CutThroat Soft Tip Dart - #5

Laserdart CutThroat Soft Tip Dart - #5


see description
  • High Density 90% Tungsten Barrel
  • Unique Vertical Grooves acts like the rifling on a gun
  • Weights: 16, 18 & 20 gm

MSRP: $92.00

HORIZON: $69.00


Laserdart Copperhead Moveable Steel Tip Dart

Laserdart Copperhead Moveable Steel Tip Dart


see description
  • 90% Tungsten Barrel
  • Deep Knurling & Grooves
  • Compact Moveable Point Model
  • Weights: 21 & 24 gm

MSRP: $126.00

HORIZON: $94.50


Laserdart Laserbitz Rear #1 - Ringed

Laserdart Laserbitz  Rear #1 - Ringed


see description
  • High-Density 90% Tungsten Barrel
  • Ringed Rear end
  • 2ba thread
  • 4.0 gm
  • Set of 3 Bitz

MSRP: $41.80

HORIZON: $32.15


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