Dart Reward Program - Signup

Dart Reward Program - Signup

Horizon Darts Inc.

Darters Appreciation Rewards Total (DART) Program

Everyone deserves a little something special on their birthday

I have read and accept the conditions of the Darts Appreciation Reward Total program. Should I decide to opt out, I will send an email to darts@horizondarts.com requesting that I be removed from this program.

$1 = 1 point for every pre-shipping dollar spent on your retail order.

50 points = $1.00 reimbursement value.

  • When you join, will immediately receive 100 points
  • Start redeeming points or accumulate toward larger item.
  • In addition, every time you accumulate 500 points, you will receive free shipping on your next retail order shipped within the US via Ground Fed-EX or USPS Priority Mail OR have up to $15.00 deducted from your international shipping amount.

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