Everybody likes new darts. Sometimes you don’t live close to local store like ours where you can spend hours trying any dart you see. Instead, you’re in “no man’s land” where the nearest dart dealer is hundreds of miles or even states away. Buying on-line presents a huge variety of styles and models but let’s face it, anything can look good in a picture… you’re buying blind! Who wants to put out good money for darts you can’t “touchy-feely”? What if it doesn’t work for your grip and delivery? There’s good chance it won’t be the right dart for you. If you have a friend can you sell them to, great! But they often go in a drawer somewhere. As the cost of darts rise, this can be costly. This is especially true if they are a high quality, more expensive variety like Laserdarts. So you end up trying your friend’s darts and buying what they have because you didn’t have any other options. But there’s whole world of dart designs out there.

That just doesn’t make sense. So….Horizon Darts came up with the idea of a Dart Lending Library for our US customers. Horizon Dart’s Lending Library operates just like any library. For now, only Laserdarts and selected Horizon Darts will be offered because we are the manufacturer and have inventory available. There will be 1 set of each Laserdart and selected Horizon model in every weight and style available in the library.

You can check out up to 2 sets in a specific gram weight and style for a period of 10 business days… just like a book. No more guess work.

 You can contact us by email, through our website at www.horizondarts.com or 913-236-9111 to check out the darts you want to try.

Here’s how it works…

  • If a style is currently checked out, you will be put on a waiting list and informed as to the approximate wait time. Once the set again becomes available, you will be contacted to see if you still would like to check out the darts.
  • At check out time, we will get your credit card information and charge your card for the cost of the set(s) plus Priority postage.
  • The darts will be shipped immediately and the package tracked to insure delivery.
  • You can play with them for 10 business days to see how they throw for you. Throw them in league, take them to a tournament, practice with them, challenge your friends to a game, anything you want to do to try them out. Lose them, destroy them or have them stolen and you’ve just bought them.
  • Send the Loaners back by Priority Small Flat Rate. You will have a 3 days grace period for return delivery.
  • A late fee of $5 per day will be charged to the customer’s card for each day that the darts are late returning to our offices.

Let Us Know What You Want To Do:

  • They’re the ones for you! – We will send you a new set and pay the shipping cost via Priority Mail. You’ll have the dart that you like and can throw.
  • Need a different weight or style– Simply check out a different set and we will either credit or charge your card for the difference in price and ship out the new loaner(s).
  • Just want to return them? -Upon return of the Dart Library Darts, we immediately credit your card for the set price only.
  • PLEASE NOTE that customers wanting a coated Laserdart (Black or Gold Widow, Black or Golden Eagle, Black WidowMaker or Black KCs)will receive the silver model to try. The coating offers a slight tactile feel for additional grip. Coated sets will be sent when purchased.
  • Only uncoated Laserdarts are in the Dart Library. Want the coated model? Simply return the silver loaners and let us know. We will send you the new coated model you want and only charge you the additional cost for the coated model.

It’s that easy! Take all the guesswork out of buying the right dart for you.