At Laserdarts, we are proud to provide a no nonsense, lifetime barrel guarantee on ALL our Laserdart models. If, for any reason, your barrels break, crack or chip from normal usage, we will replace it for FREE. Simply call us at 1-800-542-3278 to receive a RA # (return authorization#). Once received, send all three barrels back (ship to address listed below) Priority Mail Insured ($100.00 for soft tip or fixed point steel tip or $200.00 for MP barrels.) DO NOT ship loose barrels or use a regular letter envelope as they all may not arrive here. If this happens, we cannot be held responsible for lost barrels. Once we receive your darts, we will inspect all barrels and determine the problem solution.  If the problem is NOT covered under Laserdart’s warranty, you will be liable for the return shipping (Priority Mail/Insured).

Customer must contact Horizon Darts, makers of Laserdarts directly for warranty issues. Suppliers are not authorized to replace or repair Laserdarts.

Please note the following are NOT covered under Laserdarts warranty:

  • Knurling – will wear down with time or excessive use
  • Coating – due to acidities in your skin and how often you play, it can wear more easily
  • Shafts – spider leg shafts need to be tightened by the metal base ONLY. If they become loose, take a lighter and quickly heat the shrink wrap letting it cool before using
  • Flights
  • Points (soft or steel tip)
  • ANY modification to our dart barrels voids ALL Laserdart warranties
  • Intentional destruction or breakage – after 3 decades in the dart business, we know how
  • darts break under normal conditions AND all the signs of purposeful destruction due
  • to intentional breakage

When we have your darts in hand, if we cannot fix it (tapping out, etc.) and we are unable to match the problem barrel to the other two in the set, we will replace your set. We will NOT replace barrels with other Laserdart models or different barrel weights.

Often when you have a problem getting a shaft or soft tip point to screw into the barrel, it simply needs to be tapped out with a 2BA tap. You can either send the barrels back to us (pay incoming and return shipping only) or purchase a 2BA Tap and Tap handle from your local supplier.

Remember ONLY use poly or other nylon based shafts in our MP darts. Unlike other moveable point darts, MP points runs the length of the barrel. Therefore, the point hits the part of the shaft screwed into the barrel. Use of a metal based shaft voids all Laserdart warranties. If you must use metal based shafts, we suggest buying a fixed point dart to avoid barrel damage. Horizon Darts, makers of Laserdarts, also offers repointing on our steel tip fixed points for a low cost of $10.00 plus shipping (Priority Mail/Insured). Contact us at 800-542-DART (800-542-3278).