Security Information…

Because We’re Concerned About Your Peace Of Mind!

Realizing that many visitors to our online SuperStore will not only be new to the world of Horizon Darts, but also to the entire experience of shopping electronically, we have asked our Site developer to assist us in providing this additional security information for your convenient reference.

While we have taken extraordinary measures to assure your privacy and overall security when shopping with us online, like many other “privacy” and “security” issues in the real world, much of the responsibility for your own personal security online, must fall to you —the user, and your knowledgeable and responsible use of the systems and precautions provided by both our site and your Web browsing software. It is with this educational goal in mind, that we have prepared this basic security material.

We truly hope that you will find this information to be helpful.  Rest assured, we will also continue to update and expand this area, as new and exciting developments in the field of Online security continue to evolve.

Thank you!

Please Note: 
The basic security information included below is not intended to function as (or replace) a comprehensive, instructional guide to online security and/or the activity of conducting secure online transactions. It has been included on our site as a courtesy only, and is for the use of those new users who wish to familiarize themselves with fundamental security questions and concepts. We strongly recommend that you consult your Web browser’s documentation (and/or its online support and documentation) for current and official details concerning your specific software and its particular online security provisions, procedures and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions…

  • How will you keep my personal information secure?
  • What is SSL Encryption?
  • What is a secure server?
  • How do I know if my order session is encrypted?
  • What happens to my personal information after my order is transmitted?

How will you keep my personal information secure?

Our online order forms are encrypted, processed and stored on a secure server for your peace of mind and financial protection. If your browser supports SSL, you may submit your personal data and information online, confident of your privacy. Only authorized Horizon Darts personnel will have access to your personal information and order.

If your browser does NOT support SSL encryption, you are still welcome to use our Online ordering system. However, we cannot take responsibility for, or guarantee, the security of your order if you submit it to us online. In this case (if your browser does NOT support SSL encryption), it is highly recommended that you select one of the order submission alternatives provided at checkout (such as placing your order by phone, fax or mail).

What is SSL encryption?

In layman’s terms, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a communications protocol (or a set of rules) that tell computers the steps to take to improve the security level of communications. These rules are designed for the following:

  • Encryption: which guards against eavesdropping
  • Data integrity: which guards against manipulation
  • Authentication: which guards against impersonation

What is a Secure Server?

While SSL encryption technology protects your information in transit, your personal data must then also be protected (or secured) once it arrives at its destination. A Secure Server is designed to do just that; protect your information from public access once it arrives.

Like a bank vault, a secure server stores valuable information in an area that CANNOT be accessed by the general public. Just as a bank vault requires a special key (or code) to open, information stored on a secure server is equally restricted. Only authorized individuals (those possessing the key) can retrieve the encoded information. In this case, only the authorized merchant will maintain access to the secure server where your order and personal data are stored. .

How do I know if my order session is encrypted?

In all current web browsers you can tell if your data is being sent in an encrypted format by looking for a lock icon adjacent to the web address in your browser’s tool bar (or in the notification area at the bottom of some browsers, or in both locations). In the MicroSoft Internet Explorer browser, the icon will appear directly to the right of the URL and looks something like this: The URL (or web address) will also begin with “HTTPS” rather than the standard “HTTP” prefix; the “S” indicating an SSL connection.   

Please Note: Here on the Horizon Darts Site, these symbols will NOT appear during your general shopping session, but will appear only during the actual checkout (ordering) process, itself. Because no personal data is being transmitted while you browse and shop there is no real need for you to operate in a secure connection mode until this time.

What happens to my personal information after I’ve transmitted my order?

Your order and personal information will be stored very briefly on our secure server until being retrieved by an authorized member of our staff.

This information will then be used only for its expressed purpose: fulfilling your product order. At Horizon Darts we consider this information to be highly and completely confidential. Please rest assured, your personal information (i.e., Name, address, Credit Card Numbers, et cetera…) will never —ever— be shared with, or sold to, any other individual or company. Please note that we keep no credit card information on retail customers. None of the credit information for our wholesale customers are kept on any digital devices.

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