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These “bitz” are the first 15 styles of a wide range still to come. We have started with what we consider to be the most popular cuts to get the ball rolling. we have already begun production on 5 more that include raised rings, cross cut, and box cut. We have just opened the box on the potential of this and It is our hope that as more variations arise, people will see the true benefit of this new system.

Machining of the “Laserbitz” is a technological wonder. Many should consider that 15 years ago this process would be next to impossible but with advancements in technology we are now able to do amazing things. We have had the “Laserbitz” precisely machined to fit perfect with each other by slightly concaving and convexing male-female parts. Although we sell each piece with o-rings just in case, I think without they hold just fine. The way these are machined there is no rattle, no gaps, and smooth transition from bit to bit.

Assembly of “Laserbitz” depends on you. The system is designed to have a front piece, a back piece, and mid sections to fill the body. Each front and back piece is machined to taper at the ends so there is no “lip” where shafts and points screw in. In saying this you could have a dart from just one single front piece because it is machined female-female, or a midsection as a back piece. With these first 15 “Laserbitz” you can literally make thousands of combinations. We understand it can be hard to imagine your design, so we will be trying to build a computer program that will bring it all together for your previewing pleasure.

We have tried to keep costs down as much as possible on these. You must consider when making male-female threaded parts as small as they are, there is more waste than that of a single barrel. Also, we use 90% military grade tungsten that will not wear down like other darts made from Chinese tungsten.  We use Nickel and silver which wears slower.) Finally, production cost in the states yes can be costly but we found we get a better consistency and quality of product when we do. Hopefully when considering a 4-bit system has multiple combinations of assembly, the cost of one set gives you many.  

“Laserbitz” were created with the dart player in mind for many reasons. If you want to try a new type of design, you only need to buy a bit rather than a new set. If you’re a “Dart Nut” who plays all day and wears barrels quickly, replacement of one section where your finger rests are cheap and easy. If you like to play soft tip and steel tip both, easy conversion of bitz can ensure you are well equipped without dramatically changing the dart.

Be on the lookout for new Bitz coming this summer and fall!  

Click on this link to watch a review done by Darren with Dartsnutz. 

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