Innova Basket

Innova Basket

Innova Champion Plastic – Hi-tech plastic providing performance and durability. Originally designed for professional players, the Champion Line discs are usually more stable that the same model in other plastics.
Champion – Suitable to increased throwing speeds. Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro plastics.
Champion Blizzard – Superion durability in light weight plastic. Lighter weights= More distance with less effort. Incorporates thousands of microbubbles into durable Champion plastic. The result is high speed. Great for beginners. Will float in water when under 140 grams. Holds current world distance record a 225 meters. Weights down to 130g. Almost same stability as equivilent models 20g heavier.
Champion I-Dye – Same durable performance as Champion but in
beautiful tye-dye designs. Designs may vary
Champion Glow – Same durable Champion plastic but glows in the dark. Turnover distance driver with great glide. Great choice for long range turnover shots and rollers.

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  • Innova Traveller Discatcher

    • Great practice basket. Light, portable target with one-action setup
    • Ideal for camping, beach, mountains or the park.
    • Pentagonal shape with real chain for natural action.
    • Integer lobortis purus sed magna hendrerit, non porta.
    • Weight 15 lbs.

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