Soft Steel Convertibles

Soft Steel Convertibles

VOKS SOFT-STEEL – Moveable Point Soft & Steel Darts
Best of Both Worlds!

Aerodynamic designs… State-of-the-art materials… Moveable Point… And They’re Convertable!

The world’s first moveable point soft-tip dart! These interchangeable darts come in a standard 18 gram weight with the ability to adjust the dart’s overall weight using special Aluminum, Brass or Tungsten weight inserts. Simply unscrew the shaft to change points from soft to steel-tip play, or to change weight inserts and springs.

Packaged in a single wallet…

Removable soft & steel-tip points, assorted weight inserts and springs sold separately

Please note: All darts come equipped with soft-tip points and standard 1 gram aluminum inserts. To increase weight (above 18 grams), brass or tungsten weight inserts must be purchased separately.

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  • Soft Steel Convertibles Soft Tip Dart – #05

    • Convertible for soft or steel play
    • Knurled & Ghost-Grooved barrel
    • Slightly front weighted design
    • Weight: 18 gm
    SKU: SOST05
    MSRP: $90.00

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