Soft-Steel - Convertible

Soft-Steel - Convertible

Best of Both Worlds!
Aerodynamic designs… State-of-the-art materials… Movable Point… And They’re Convertible!

The world’s first movable point soft-tip dart! These interchangeable darts come in a standard 18 gram weight with the ability to adjust the dart’s overall weight using special Aluminum, Brass or Tungsten weight inserts***. Simply unscrew the shaft to change points from soft to steel-tip play, or to change weight inserts and springs.
Removable soft & steel-tip points, assorted weight inserts and springs sold separately

Packaged in a single wallet…

***Please note: All darts come equipped with soft-tip points and standard 1 gram aluminum inserts. To increase weight (above 18 grams), brass or tungsten weight inserts must be purchased separately.

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  • Soft Steel Convertibles Soft Tip Dart – #05

    • Convertible for soft or steel play
    • Knurled & Ghost-Grooved barrel
    • Slightly front weighted design
    • Weight: 18 gm
    SKU: SOST05
    MSRP: $90.00

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